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Riots in the US, 4 dead and 52 arrested 01-07-2021 09:36 Prishtinë News
The LDK believes it will preserve the votes of last year's elections 12-25-2020 11:52 Prishtinë Politics
The largest building in the world is dressed in Red and Black 11-28-2020 20:59 Prishtinë Nacional
Shaip Kamberi placed the Albanian flag in the Assembly of Serbia 11-26-2020 19:23 Prishtinë News
World football legend Diego Armando Maradona has died 11-25-2020 18:56 Prishtinë Sport
​The British Prime Minister in self-isolation 11-16-2020 11:16 Prishtinë News
​Bernard Challendes has been infected with Covid-19 11-11-2020 11:16 Prishtinë Sport
Trump announces victory: We won in many states we didn’t expect we’d win 11-04-2020 09:42 Prishtinë News
Trump wins in Texas and Biden in Arizona, the gap is narrow 11-04-2020 09:07 Prishtinë World
Plarent Kiçmari, 16 years old from Kosovo, became German champion in "Breakdance" for the third time 11-01-2020 18:15 Prishtinë Sport
Russia’s Health Ministry bans doctors from making public statements about the Covid-19 10-28-2020 18:31 Prishtinë News
Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office file an indictment against three Russian spies for poisoning Bulgarian businessman 09-16-2020 17:39 Prishtinë News
​Fewer and fewer Russians believe that Russia is a world superpower 09-15-2020 16:43 Prishtinë News
Musliu: Putin wants another Syria in Belarus 08-28-2020 13:34 Prishtinë News
Putin's church disturbs the churches of other Orthodox countries - now in Belarus 08-26-2020 16:05 Prishtinë News
​Musliu: Putin's intervention in Belarus weakens his position in the Balkans 08-24-2020 11:33 Prishtinë News
Oppositionist of dictator Lukashenko - friend of Albanians 08-22-2020 11:59 Prishtinë News
Hoxhaj refutes Russia for coronavirus vaccine 08-13-2020 11:52 Prishtinë News
World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 07-30-2020 09:36 Prishtinë News
​The director who mocks the US, is now making a film with Russian-Serbian fabrications against Kosovo 07-24-2020 17:15 Prishtinë Security
The number of Russian traitors increases, the FSB arrested the protesters 07-08-2020 18:50 Prishtinë News
Kemal Ademi chooses Switzerland over Kosovo 06-26-2020 16:51 Prishtinë Security
May 31, World No Tobacco Day 05-31-2020 10:46 Prishtinë Nacional
A Serb from Kosovo, part of the Russian paramilitary forces, was killed in Libya 05-26-2020 17:39 Prishtinë News
The 34th anniversary of the EU flag 05-26-2020 10:17 Prishtinë News
Hungary closing border transit zones for asylum-seekers 05-21-2020 14:52 Budapest News
Europe will be hit by a second wave of coronavirus 05-21-2020 12:14 Londër News
World Meditation Day 05-21-2020 09:23 Prishtinë Magazine
Slovenia's football league to resume on June 5 05-20-2020 12:40 Prishtinë Sport
France to sell Mona Lisa to cover coronavirus losses, suggests technology CEO 05-20-2020 10:31 Prishtinë Magazine
Ademi continues his visits to the Kosovar clubs 03-21-2020 15:23 Prishtinë Sport
Fantastic, this is how the field of "Fadil Vokrri" stadium looks today 03-20-2020 11:45 Prishtinë Sport
UN: Achievement in gender equality under threat 03-08-2020 10:45 Nacional
​Serbian Media: Ghana revokes recognition of Kosovo 11-11-2019 11:02 World
​​World Suicide Prevention Day 09-10-2019 09:29 Prishtinë News
​Causes of night sweat 08-07-2019 16:45 Prishtinë Health
​Foods that can help you manage anxiety 08-05-2019 14:53 Prishtinë News
​German employers do not plan on hiring new employees 07-29-2019 15:16 Berlin Economy
​Life sentence for Donjeta Pajazitaj's assassin 03-25-2019 16:50 Pejë Security
​US top diplomat for Europe affairs resign 01-24-2019 09:54 Prishtinë News
​LDK, VV write to Mogherini, Hahn for dialogue 12-24-2018 11:04 Prishtinë News
​Interpol member states to decide today whether to accept Kosovo as a full member 11-18-2018 11:07 Prishtinë Security
​Kosovo leaders express grief over death of three persons in a three- vehicle crash on Pristina-Gjilan highway 11-17-2018 10:46 Prishtinë News
​Thaci: Meeting with Putin, a high achievement of Kosovo diplomacy 11-13-2018 09:56 Prishtinë News
​Thaci expected to visit Belarus today 10-30-2018 09:19 Prishtinë News
Thaci, Vucic to meet in Paris on November 11 10-25-2018 09:27 Prishtinë News
​International Day of Rural Women 2018 10-15-2018 08:56 Prishtinë News
​AmCham welcomes Govt’s decision on employment of persons with disabilities 10-03-2018 10:01 Prishtinë News
​Putin, Vucic to discuss mounting tensions in Balkan region 10-02-2018 10:46 Moskë News
​Mitchell: US expects long-term solution for Kosovo issue 09-28-2018 12:52 New York News
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