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Haradinaj: Let’s protect our children by law and introduce children’s allowances 06-01-2020 11:08 Prishtinë Politics
The main land borders and the gastronomy sector are being opened from today, kindergartens in some municipalities will not be opened 06-01-2020 10:00 Prishtinë Nacional
This is the supplemented decision on reciprocity with Serbia 05-31-2020 20:19 Prishtinë Nacional
War Crimes Institute will also deal with addressing the war crimes 05-31-2020 19:28 Prishtinë Nacional
Thaçi about Kurti’s decisions: He is continuing patriotic frauds with wrong decisions 05-31-2020 18:06 Prishtinë News
Hoti: The new measures of Kurti Government against Serbia do not help Kosovo 05-31-2020 17:28 Prishtinë News
Abrashi: Not opening the border with Albania is meaningless 05-31-2020 17:07 Prishtinë Politics
Cakaj: There is no date for opening the negotiations with the EU, the electoral reform must be completed 05-31-2020 16:43 Prishtinë Politics
The Inter-Ministerial Commission for Strategic Investments is re-established 05-31-2020 13:43 Prishtinë Economy
The Government and Municipalities are required to urgently take measures to implement the Law on Child Protection 05-31-2020 12:58 Prishtinë Nacional
The Government gives over 150.000 euros to Kosovo Lottery 05-31-2020 12:40 Prishtinë Economy
The Government dismissed the board of RWC “Gjakova” and appointed an interim board 05-31-2020 11:33 Prishtinë Nacional
May 31, World No Tobacco Day 05-31-2020 10:46 Prishtinë Nacional
A loan worth 100 million Euros, the government approves the initiative for negotiating with the EU 05-31-2020 10:07 Prishtinë Economy
The balance sheet of COVID-19 in Kosovo: 1.070 infected cases, 30 deaths and 841 cured 05-31-2020 09:43 Prishtinë Health
KDI calls for investigation of MoH tenders during the pandemic 05-30-2020 23:30 Prishtinë Nacional
Mustafa: Taking responsibility at this time is a huge sacrifice for the country 05-30-2020 18:36 Prishtinë Politics
Cakaj: There is no international agreement on Kosovo that can be passed without being ratified in the Assembly 05-30-2020 17:23 Prishtinë Politics
A woman disappears in Peja 05-30-2020 15:17 Prishtinë Security
Next week will be decided on opening the air and land borders 05-30-2020 15:05 Prishtinë Nacional
Kosovar referees tested for COVID-19 05-30-2020 14:35 Prishtinë Sport
Dear clients 05-30-2020 14:20 Prishtinë Njoftime dhe paralajmërime
The Kurti Government did not bring any new strategic investor either 05-30-2020 13:03 Prishtinë Economy
31 years since the murder of Ali Ajeti 05-30-2020 10:16 Prishtinë Nacional
235 active cases with COVID-19 in Kosovo 05-30-2020 09:53 Prishtinë Health
EU: All political leaders to refrain from inflammatory language 05-29-2020 23:59 Prishtinë Politics
Today, the LDK submits the request for a session, Gashi says that they have not yet decided on the ministers 05-29-2020 16:26 Prishtinë News
Kurti: We had no hope in the Constitutional Court, but the decision beyond imagination 05-29-2020 16:02 Prishtinë News
New Kosovo Alliance will not be part of the new government, but will vote in favor 05-29-2020 14:19 Prishtinë News
Veseli: The decision of the Constitutional Court is fair, VV is within its scenario 05-29-2020 14:00 Prishtinë News
Orlando speaks about high profile criminal cases 05-29-2020 13:42 Prishtinë News
Mustafa: The Hoti Government to be voted at the latest by Monday 05-29-2020 12:43 Prishtinë News
The Russian chaotic stances causes stir in Serbia, analysts say 05-29-2020 12:27 Prishtinë Security
Thaçi welcomes the decision of the Constitutional Court, demands that the new government to be formed as soon as possible 05-29-2020 11:36 Prishtinë News
Viola Von Cramon: Respect the Constitutional Court's ruling , there is no other alternative 05-29-2020 11:11 Prishtinë News
The balance sheet of COVID-19 in Kosovo: 1.052 infected cases, 820 recovered and 30 deaths 05-29-2020 10:20 Prishtinë News
Hoti welcomes the Constitutional Court's ruling: No one has lost 05-29-2020 09:58 Prishtinë Politics
Thaçi’s accusations against Kurti, the CPHRF demands investigations for the wiretapping room 05-28-2020 19:29 Prishtinë News
Orlando: Strong Italy-Kosovo partnership against Coronavirus continues in the second phase 05-28-2020 19:22 Prishtinë News
Central Bank and Ministry of Finance discuss economic recovery plan with bank executives 05-28-2020 18:25 Prishtinë Economy
Bislimi presents the second economic package, worth 1.2 billion euros 05-28-2020 17:58 Prishtinë News
Kurti’s adviser: The Prime Minister does not have to face justice, we can return to Venice Commission for the decree 05-28-2020 16:33 Prishtinë News
The CEC suspends two political parties in Kosovo 05-28-2020 15:27 Prishtinë News
Mosques and churches are opened 05-28-2020 13:57 Prishtinë News
Today is the second “test” for protests 05-28-2020 12:54 Prishtinë News
Today, the Austrian Foreign Minister pays a visit in Kosovo 05-28-2020 11:56 Prishtinë News
Italy continues to provide assistance to Kosovo 05-28-2020 11:33 Prishtinë News
Haradinaj: The decision of the Constitutional Court to be respected, the Assembly to schedule the session for voting the new Government 05-28-2020 10:51 Prishtinë Politics
From today, citizens will have a new schedule movement 05-28-2020 10:14 Prishtinë News
The U.S. calls on all political parties: Implement the ruling of Kosovo’s Constitutional Court 05-28-2020 09:37 Prishtinë News
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