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There will be no restriction to the circulation of employees and administration of the economic operators 03-25-2020 13:00 Prishtinë News
​Selimi: Better betrayed than be the betrayer, better with Kosovo than in coalition with the LDK 03-25-2020 12:59 Prishtinë News
Mustafa: Kurti took unilateral actions 03-25-2020 12:19 Prishtinë News
Thaçi at UCCK, appeals to people to follow advises 03-25-2020 12:12 Prishtinë News
A citizen protests in front of the Assembly 03-25-2020 11:33 Prishtinë News
Clashes with EU guarantees no visa liberalization and an unclear future 03-25-2020 11:21 Prishtinë News
Kosnett met Osmani and left the Assembly 03-25-2020 11:04 Prishtinë News
Stavilevci: There is continuous import of wheat, no need to panic 03-25-2020 10:03 Prishtinë News
No new coronavirus cases in Malisheva 03-25-2020 09:53 Prishtinë News
No-confidence vote against Kurti's government to be held today 03-25-2020 09:31 Prishtinë News
Mustafa: This year's primary goal is to produce more food 03-24-2020 17:08 Prishtinë News
Kurti: Implement government measures to defeat the virus 03-24-2020 15:44 Prishtinë News
Thaçi urges Kurti to repeal or suspend the decision until the Constitutional Court decides on the issue 03-24-2020 13:57 Prishtinë News
Government decision to restrict the movement of citizens and vehicles 03-24-2020 12:11 Prishtinë News
Smakaj: There is no element in the Government's decision that violate the Constitution 03-24-2020 11:39 Prishtinë News
Mustafa against Kurti: Government to review decision on the circulation ban 03-24-2020 10:40 Prishtinë News
Thaçi condemns the attack on journalists in North Mitrovica 03-23-2020 17:30 Prishtinë News
These are the three scenarios if the Kurti government collapses 03-23-2020 17:18 Prishtinë Politics
The chambers of commerce propose to the Government a support program for the private sector 03-23-2020 16:30 Prishtinë Economy
The Assembly seeks the opinion of the NIPHK whether they can hold the session, the Presidency convenes tomorrow 03-23-2020 16:06 Prishtinë News
Kurti: E-learning is being held to not deprive students of school 03-23-2020 15:33 Prishtinë News
Beneficiaries of social assistance from tomorrow can withdraw their financial means for two months 03-23-2020 14:46 Prishtinë Nacional
Haradinaj recalls the time when Milosevic stripped Kosovo of its autonomy 03-23-2020 14:38 Prishtinë Politics
Export covers import with 13.6% in February 03-23-2020 14:16 Prishtinë Economy
Mustafa: There is no flour crisis 03-23-2020 12:42 Prishtinë Nacional
Besian Mustafa: LDK's motion currently fall under the responsibility of the Assembly 03-23-2020 11:49 Prishtinë News
Merkel welcomes lifting of tariffs 03-23-2020 10:23 Prishtinë News
7000 tests for COVID-19 are expected to arrive 03-23-2020 09:57 Prishtinë News
Thaçi: Citizens are not obliged to respect unconstitutional decisions of Kurti 03-23-2020 09:46 Prishtinë News
COVID-19 and politics, a busy week for Kosovo 03-23-2020 09:34 Prishtinë News
Veseli expressed condolences to the Haliti family, hoping that this will be the last case in our country 03-22-2020 17:25 Prishtinë Nacional
Osmani: Kosovo needs civic and political solidarity 03-22-2020 16:27 Prishtinë Politics
Zhegra and Vrapçiq villages of Gjilan are quarantined 03-22-2020 15:17 Prishtinë Health
Kurti: KSF is ready to help Croatia 03-22-2020 14:17 Prishtinë Nacional
Thaçi expressed condolences to the family of the coronavirus victim 03-22-2020 13:35 Prishtinë Nacional
Haradinaj: Today our thoughts and prayers are with the Croatian country 03-22-2020 12:52 Prishtinë Nacional
Vitia proposes the Government to take additional measures to protect the public health 03-22-2020 12:41 Prishtinë Health
LDK slams VV for causing political crisis in Kosovo 03-22-2020 11:50 Prishtinë News
First coronavirus death in Kosovo 03-22-2020 11:16 Prishtinë Health
Haziri after two cases of coronavirus in Gjilan: I urge you to self-isolate 03-22-2020 10:59 Prishtinë Nacional
MIAPA supports businesses to cope with the crisis created by COVID-19 pandemic 03-22-2020 10:15 Prishtinë News
Another case of coronavirus confirmed in Kosovo 03-22-2020 10:05 Prishtinë News
Ahmeti: Restrict the movement during the night until the morning 03-22-2020 09:35 Prishtinë Health
Exclusive: EU Foreign Service has proposed Lajcak as Special Envoy for the dialogue 03-21-2020 16:59 Prishtinë Politics
Ademi continues his visits to the Kosovar clubs 03-21-2020 15:23 Prishtinë Sport
Ramosaj to Kurti and Ministers: Coordinate, your decisions have created confusion 03-21-2020 15:17 Prishtinë Nacional
Thaçi welcomes the claim that EU proved him wrong 03-21-2020 14:29 Prishtinë Politics
Abazi: Political COVID is endangering the state 03-21-2020 14:22 Prishtinë Politics
Muhaxheri: Calm situation in Peja, a suspicious case tests negative 03-21-2020 12:31 Prishtinë Health
As of today, all parks in Kosovo will be closed 03-21-2020 11:14 Prishtinë Nacional
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