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​Thaci reacts to death of a 14-year-old minor 05-24-2018 17:59 Prishtinë Nacional
​8 years in prison in "Medicus" case 05-24-2018 17:31 Prishtinë Security
​BSPK expresses concerns on employee’s death 05-24-2018 16:29 Prishtinë Economy
​Veseli to visit Albania 05-24-2018 16:15 Prishtinë News
​Slovenia ready to help Kosovo security institutions 05-24-2018 15:23 Prishtinë News
​KCC calls on exporters in Switzerland and Norway to register in Customs system 05-24-2018 15:07 Prishtinë News
​Thaci: Rugova was a man of dialogue 05-24-2018 14:35 Prishtinë News
​New intensive treatment unit at UCCK inaugurated today 05-24-2018 14:08 Prishtinë Health
​Germany, a powerful supporter of Kosovo’s integration process 05-24-2018 14:00 Prishtinë News
KCSS launches handbook for journalists for reporting on violent extremism 05-24-2018 13:47 Prishtinë News
CBK supports economic growth projects 05-24-2018 13:25 Prishtinë Economy
​Rexha, Havolli stressed the need for greater engagement of KCA 05-24-2018 13:04 Prishtinë Security
​Thaci decorates former president Rugova with the Presidential Jubilee Medal 05-24-2018 12:59 Prishtinë Nacional
​Nagavci calls on mayors to respect collective contract on jubilee salaries for retired teachers 05-24-2018 12:50 Prishtinë News
​WB representatives support Minister Recica’s reforms 05-24-2018 12:37 Prishtinë News
​Malisheva, one of the safest municipalities in Kosovo 05-24-2018 12:03 Malishevë Security
KP issue over 1 thousand traffic tickets in one day 05-24-2018 11:53 Prishtinë Security
​Thaci, Papadopoulou discuss about completion of EULEX mission in Kosovo 05-24-2018 11:46 Prishtinë Nacional
​Haradinaj to pay homage to martyrs of Gllogjan today 05-24-2018 10:04 Prishtinë News
​New intensive treatment at UCCK to be inaugurated today 05-24-2018 10:02 Prishtinë Health
​KCSS to launch ‘Violent Extremism and Media’ handbook today 05-24-2018 09:59 Prishtinë Security
​AVUK launches awareness campaign on importance of consuming natural cheese 05-24-2018 09:59 Prishtinë Economy
​Historical exhibition of President Rugova’s contribution to Kosovo’s state formation to open today 05-24-2018 09:57 Prishtinë News
​Konjufca: Roundtables should not be held if discussion is not on elections 05-23-2018 19:44 Prishtinë Politics
Haradinaj in Vatican: Kosovo an example of religious tolerance 05-23-2018 19:03 Vatikan News
​Karaceva requires institutions assistance to preserve lands on border with Serbia 05-23-2018 18:19 Kamenicë News
MIA to establish deradicalization unit for people fighting in Syria and Iraq 05-23-2018 17:31 Prishtinë Security
​MLSW's hands its old facility to EU office in Kosovo 05-23-2018 16:47 Prishtinë News
​Lekaj offers support to CAAK 05-23-2018 15:06 Prishtinë News
​Kosovo Education Minister pledges to solve problems in education sector 05-23-2018 14:41 Malishevë News
​Kosovo Police issue over 1 thousand traffic tickets in one day 05-23-2018 14:19 Prishtinë Security
Haziri meets with the Turkish KFOR commander 05-23-2018 13:15 Gjilan Nacional
​Legalization will have a lower cost 05-23-2018 12:55 Prishtinë News
OAK: Kosovo Assembly voted against investments and development of the country 05-23-2018 12:25 Prishtinë Economy
Elshani: We have real chances to become member of Interpol this year 05-23-2018 12:22 Prishtinë Security
​Muharremi: There are stagnations for membership in Interpol 05-23-2018 11:42 Prishtinë News
​Draft law on ‘Adem Jashari’ Memorial Complex adopted 05-23-2018 11:40 Prishtinë Nacional
​Thaci meets with Constitutional Court President 05-23-2018 11:38 Prishtinë News
​LDK demands parliamentary debate over promises of ruling coalition 05-23-2018 11:36 Prishtinë News
​Tahiri: Dialogue expected to end with mutual recognition between both states 05-23-2018 11:09 Prishtinë Nacional
​Interior minister to visit Municipality of Kamenica today 05-23-2018 10:36 Prishtinë Security
​Pristina’s Education Directorate organizes a meeting with teachers prior to Matura exam 05-23-2018 10:34 Prishtinë News
International Day to End Obstetric Fistula 05-23-2018 09:34 Prishtinë Health
​“Arbëresh people, a preserved value that we should appreciate” 05-23-2018 09:31 Romë News
​Jahjaga Foundation, a good opportunity for improvement of Kosovo’s image 05-23-2018 09:26 Prishtinë Economy
​Haradinaj: Kosovo’s recognition by Vatican, a necessary step 05-22-2018 15:40 Vatikan News
​Tahiri: Strengthening of rule of law, a fundamental prerequisite for business 05-22-2018 15:40 Prishtinë News
​OSCE offers support to Office of National Coordinator against Domestic Violence 05-22-2018 15:02 Prishtinë News
​The €1.8 million fund, a hostage to disagreements between communities 05-22-2018 14:29 Prishtinë News
​Thaci: It is time for membership of the entire Western Balkans in EU 05-22-2018 14:20 Prishtinë News
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