Time Title Place Agency
19.09.2014 15:23 ​DMNS 13: Correctional Officer arrested for bringing drugs into Mitrovica north prison Prishtina
19.09.2014 15:17 DMNS 11: ​30 days detention on remand for Imams and others Prishtina
19.09.2014 14:20 DMNS 12: ​Krasniqi: PDK does not want to compromise citizens’ will Prishtina
19.09.2014 13:35 ​DMNS 9: No protests against the arrest of Imams Prishtina
19.09.2014 13:16 DMNS 10: ​EULEX commemorates the anniversary of the death of Customs Officer Prishtina
19.09.2014 12:31 DMNS 8: ​Selimi: PDK’s obstructive purpose shall not succeed Prishtina
19.09.2014 12:09 DMNS 7: ​Cheaper prices for fiscal cash registers demanded Prishtina
19.09.2014 11:38 DMNS 6: ​Llamkos workers to demand their salaries through the Court Prishtina
19.09.2014 10:57 DMNS 4: ​48-hours hold for Imams as lawyers hope for their clients to be released Prishtinë Kosovapress
19.09.2014 10:32 DMNS 5: ​Remains of four individuals to be reburied today in Drenica Prishtina
19.09.2014 09:53 DMNS 2: ​Jahjaga: MPs ought to find the solution Prishtinë Kosovapress
19.09.2014 09:47 DMNS 3: ​Man arrested after attempting to hide his rifle in meadow Prishtina
19.09.2014 09:30 DMNS 1: ​15 since the KPC establishment as Kosovo is yet to have its own army Prishtinë Kosovapress
18.09.2014 16:21 DMNS 17: Bloc and VV Movement in meeting with President Jahjaga Prishtina
18.09.2014 16:12 DMNS 18: ​Church in UP yard has its doors locked up Prishtina
18.09.2014 15:18 DMNS 16: ​The decision on Shefqet Krasniqi to come out tomorrow Prishtina
18.09.2014 14:47 DMNS 15: ​Serbian List does not comment on the meeting with President Jahjaga Prishtina
18.09.2014 14:19 DMNS 14: ​15 persons arrested a day ago are currently being interrogated by police Prishtina
18.09.2014 12:52 DMNS 13: ​Bloc says no to elections as it wants a solution to be found in Assembly Prishtina
18.09.2014 12:11 DMNS 12: Kosovo Assembly fails to elect PDK’s candidate as Speaker as the next constitutive session date is to be revealed next week Prishtina